Training the ADHD Brain-Computerized Cognitive Retraining

by TGingras

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Training the ADHD brain to better control attentional processes is now possible and it doesn’t require medication. Your child or husband can learn to improve attention, consistency and behavior by exercising his or her brain with computerized cognitive retraining.

CCR has  two major features–1. it involves training based on neuroplasticity and 2. it is  not medication-based.

Neuroplasticity is the exciting discovery that the brain is malleable. It changes in response to the demands we make of it. Like doing biceps curls makes your arm muscles bigger, doing attention exercises makes the part of your brain responsible for attention bigger. This allows  you to better control your attention.

CCR involves doing different mental exercises, sort of brain calisthenics to improve certain cognitive (thinking)  functions. These techniques have been available for at least 25 years and have been consistently improved. They are effective, safe and have no side effects. You can improve attention, working memory, auditory processing, speed of processing, almost any cognitive process.

You should see noticeable results within 20-30 sessions. Most treatment protocols are for 30 sessions. Its kind of like playing video games, but you can tell its designed for more than just fun.

Both children and adults can be treated effectively. I just finished treating a 26-year-old woman who received 30 sessions of treatment–2 per week — and had significant improvement in auditory and visual attention and working memory. She decided to have treatment because she wanted to have children and didn’t want to be pregnant and on medication.

We have also seen significant results with children as young as six.

Its important to understand that CCR will improve cognitive efficiency regardless of medication. Some parents want to avoid or minimize medication use and CCR will be helpful for that.  Some parents want to improve cognitive performance–think school–while keeping their child on medication. CCR will be effective in this situation as well.

I don’t want to oversell, but I have been impressed with the results we’ve achieved in my clinic and I have colleagues who have gotten similar results.

As a parent of an ADHD child or as an adult with ADHD, check out computerized cognitive retraining. It changes your brain for a lifetime and can improve your life.


For more information on the ADHD brain and treatment see Training the ADHD brain @

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