Positive Coaching for Parents of ADD/LD Children

by TGingras

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In the years since my son was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder and I started specializing in diagnosing and treating both attention deficit disorder and learning disability, I have tried to find the principles and techniques that work.

Since I have limited frustration tolerance, I like things to be simple and direct.  I like value for money and I don’t like to waste any words.  I also think that focused planning with specific goals leads to the greatest chance of success.

Focused planning with specific goals is vitally important in dealing with ADD/LD kids.  They can be so disorganized that it’s catching.  It’s very easy to get tangled up in details and forget what your original purpose was.  Therefore, it’s important to know where you’re trying to go with this child.

It’s also important to remember that the goal is not to have the cleanest room on the block.  I’m continually amazed the parents spend so much time and energy on their child’s bedroom.  The goal is not now nor will it ever be having a clean bedroom.  The goal is having your child grow into an adult who can function effectively in the real world.

For you as parents to encourage this growth, you have to have the right goals.  Presumably, you want your child to be a successful adult.  For this to occur, you have to train in the skills needed to be successful.

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