Training the ADHD Brain-Computerized Cognitive Retraining

September 1, 2009

Training the ADHD brain to better control attentional processes is now possible and it doesn’t require medication. Your child or husband can learn to improve attention, consistency and behavior by exercising his or her brain with computerized cognitive retraining. CCR has  two major features–1. it involves training based on neuroplasticity and 2. it is  not […]

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Training the ADHD Brain

August 25, 2009

In the years since I was a boy psychologist,we have discovered that it is possible to train people’s brains to improve attention,memory, working memory and almost every other cognitive function. More recently we’ve discovered that it also works for ADHD! Different training techniques improve different brain functions without medication. In some cases medication is discontinued, […]

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July 25, 2009

As parents of attention-deficit-disorder (ADD) and/or learning-disabled (LD) children, we are so busy dealing with daily crises that we sometimes lose sight of what we’re trying to accomplish with our offspring. With all the hassles of getting up, getting off to school, getting books and homework assignments home and then getting them done, dealing temper […]

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Raising children who will be successful adults

July 23, 2009

Studies on children with ADD/LD who have grown into successful adults list a variety of characteristics and skills that are essential. They boil down to three essentials 1. Positive self-esteem 2. Effective support systems 3. Skills to set goals and cope with emotions. In this post, let’s focus on the first element, positive self esteem. […]

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Positive Coaching for Parents of ADD/LD Children

July 17, 2009

In the years since my son was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder and I started specializing in diagnosing and treating both attention deficit disorder and learning disability, I have tried to find the principles and techniques that work. Since I have limited frustration tolerance, I like things to be simple and direct.  I like value […]

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