ADHD Parenting–Know Yourself

by TGingras

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Parenting an ADHD child is not for sissies. It is also not impossible, but you have to be aware of and know a lot of things.
In this series, we will cover these issues one at a time.

First issue is know yourself. If you have an ADHD child, the odds are that one of you also has ADHD. ADHD has a
heritability factor of about 80%, which is about the same as height. That means one of you almost certainly has ADHD.

This can be good or bad. You may remember your own issues with ADHD and be able to understand your child’s situation better than a non-ADHD parent.  On the other hand, you may have more problems dealing with your ADHD
child because your temperaments are too similiar or you may have a lot of your own issues about ADHD that negatively impact your ability to deal with your young ADHDer.

Whichever, you need to be aware of what you bring to the interaction with your ADHD child. Objectively look at your interactions and be aware of what happens. Does one of you (parents) always end up in yelling matches with your child?

Does one of you always get overwhelmed by your child and give up?

Understand that with an ADHD child you could have a knockdown drag out screaming match every day if you want to.

And understand, it will do no good as far as changing your child’s behavior. And, you will pay for it when they become teenagers.

Be aware that in dealing with ADHDers, you have to be firm. You have to be consistent. You have to be in control. If you lose control of yourself dealing with your ADHDer, you will surely lose the immediate battle plus you break down the behavioral structure you’re trying to build.

That’s why the first rule in dealing with an ADHD child is to know yourself– know your tendencies, know your strengths and weaknesses. Be brutally honest. Be objective.

Next step–look at your interactions

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