ADHD Brains–Meds Not Enough to Improve Grades

by TGingras

in brain training

Just medication is not going to improve your child’s academic performance!

A recent research study by Dr Jeffrey Epstein of the Center for ADHD at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in Ohio indicates that just following pediatric guidelines for treatment of ADD, didn’t result in functional changes for children with ADHD. Just proper medication didn’t change their school performance at all.

More simply put:” Pills don’t teach Skills!

The study suggested that ADHD kids needed additional training in organization and academic skillls to improve academic performance. This finding flies in the face of the “just give ’em their meds and they’ll be all right.”school of treatment. Medication by itself will not help your child improve his or her grades.

This research combined with the research on the importance of working memory to academic performance (see Working Memory beats IQ in School, 02-23-2010) builds a strong case for the importance of computerized cognitive retraining (CCR) for improving academic performance of kids with ADHD.

I personally am more confident recommending CCR for students with ADHD after reading these studies.While the effectiveness of CCR in improving working memory is well-researched and well-proven, the extension to improved academic performance is now firmly established.

CCR improves academic performance. Period.

If your child is struggling in school, you need to strongly consider CCR. Approximately 30 sessions over a few months time will make a big difference.

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Tanya Wells November 14, 2013 at 10:38 pm

Where can I find someone who administers CCR in the Hampton Roads area, and is it normally covered by insurance.

TGingras February 3, 2014 at 11:08 am

CCR is not normally covered by insurance. My office offers Cogmed. Give us a call at 757-833-7107 for more information.

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